Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In the Tune of At Last

(The summer Alex and I met, he wrote me a letter saying "if we ever have a song, it will be that one you gave me on a mix, with the woman singing "Atlast" the whole time.")

Since Alex and I have been together for over eight years, and today, marks marriage for two years, and the yearly dates, and the marriage date fall on different dates,  I suppose the best thing to do is to celebrate them all (the wedding anniversaries, the yearly anniversaries, and the every day ho hum of life together). Every day counts you know?! Two years ago today, we made a pact in front of dear family and friends, an announcement to the world from the top of our lungs (but not really that loud), stating we were in love, and serious about it forever. Dear Alex, still so in love, still oh so serious about it (you, it, us, to the moon and back)!Lucky to know you today and everyday. 

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