Thursday, September 12, 2013

Francis Dale DMH

 (photos 1 & 2 via our friend Katrina, thank you.
We did it, we took the cat plunge (and I'm not talking about stealing a  toilet plunger that looks like a cat). Meet Francis Dale Dart-Mclean Harris, aka baby Francis, and most recently Mr Tambourine man. Side note, Mr Tambourine man came about because Francis wears a bell on his collar, and in the "jingle jangle morning he'll come following you" (get it? Bob Dylan).  Francis's story is 10 months long, so I will spare you with the shortened version. Ahem, Francis the cat lived under some stairs in Bend,  Oregon, he was a stray kitten, and a starved one at that. Somebody called the lost cat service and said "take this cat away, he meows all day long, and it drives me nuts (in more words or less, I imagine a really nasal voice on the line, the type you get by pinching your noise while you talk)." Can you guess why Francis meowed all day, and drove that woman nuts? That's right everyone, Francis was hungry (like the type of hungry that makes you meow and meow all damn day). The organization took Francis to Portland, cleaned him up, plumped him up, and gave him all the fixings to pass on to a family (as in he literally got fixed). Shortly after, I stumbled upon Francis when he was spending the weekend at a cat event at Petco (they do these things, with cats, it's like an art opening sans cheese, and wine, with cats and people just... mingling around). Long story shorter, we swooped Francis up (because who couldn't resist that little face), and he lives here (at our house) happily every after (try to read this whole story to a child before bed...might cause some boredom/confusion/ sleep).  So far we know Francis likes to wear his tie (on special occasions only), he enjoys Stevie Wonder and The Chiffons, he likes to sit with Alex while he works in the evening, and he is willing to drink out of a wine glass if it means he doesn't have to go downstairs to his water bowl.

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