Monday, May 13, 2013


I've officially done it, I've taken the inky plunge into permanent accessories.  It was almost one year ago that Alex gave me a gift of a tattoo for my birthday. Whelp folks, my birthday is May 15th, and approaching at a rapid rate (send cards to Hawthorne blvd...kidding kidding).Quite frankly I have had almost one year to ponder this gift. After plenty of thought, and a blog pole, we set out to get our arms upgraded (now I know what you are thinking mothers "there was nothing wrong your arm in the first place").  The top photo, is the look of a woman in pain (I'm being polite because I just met the tattoo artist, but I'm thinking "hubbaba hubbuba HELP ME" that first part was just a bit of gibberish...sometimes you go there when in a state of pain). An-y-ways, after a mere fifteen minutes,  I was doting my new cattoo, complete with a precious bow, and party hat (can a girl complain?). Oh and yes I did draw that want one? Alex got a tattoo too (not to be confused with a tutu). Can you spot it on that handsome arm of his (it's tiny look very very closely)?

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