Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Such a Hoot

I was pleased as punch when the lovely Megan from The Nautical Owl  agreed to grace Bedazzled Tuesday. Unfortunately something happened when I blabbered out what Bedazzled Tuesday is about (when this mouth gets to talking, things get kooky at times). Whelp anyways, wires got crossed, and instead of sending me photos of her favorite bedazzled items of clothing, Megan sent her favorite bedazzled items. Which worked out perfectly because take a gander at the beauties above (owls with personality people, and in tip top shape). Megan is a fashion blogger living in Toganoxie,Kansas and she is the mastermind behind The Nautical Owl blog and shop. Go on now take a peek. Oh and one last thing, Megan is hosting a Delicate Doilies giveaway in the near future, so follow Nautical Owl, and never look back! 

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