Monday, April 8, 2013

City Slickers Sitting Pretty

This past weekend Alex and I packed our bags, and rode straight to the gates of Ellensburg, WA.  Talk about the land of Sunshine people! The snaps above are only just a slight peep into our glorious weekend. Our gracious host, and trusty tour guide (my brother in law Shaun) showed us the ins and outs of the land (including but not limited to visiting the Chimposeum, going to Leavenworth, a film festival, and of course  our fare share of thrift shopping). Ellensburg is a hidden gem tucked away in central Washington surrounded by picturesque mountains, old brick buildings, and the type of truck drivers that wave "hello" to each other in the street. The in laws (not to be confused with outlaws) met us there on Saturday. It was a glorious weekend all around. 

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