Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweater Weather

Recognize those astronauts? Those two good looking (or bad looking depending on who you ask) fellows are none other then Thompson & Thompson, beloved characters from Tin Tin. Recognize that gal? It's me, it's me in my new cherished vintage Thompson & Thompson on the moon sweater that I purchased at a flea market in Annecy France! The price is going to killing you, but I bought the sweater  for only 2 euros (which is about $3.75 these days). All I have to say to the old woman, and the little boy who sold it to me is thank you sweet sweet suckers (ok, ok, get rid of the "suckers" and add "people"). 

My older brother Jonah just adored Tin Tin when we were kids (though he might use a different word then "adore" to describe his interest). An-y-ways, at the same flea market there was a tiny little TinTin vest (jean with an embroidered TinTin on the front, perfect). At the moment when I made eyes with the vest, I  was moneyless, not a coin in sight. Here's where the mistake comes in, I didn't search the market to find Alex with the money to buy that vest for my brother. Now before you say "what would a grown man want with baby's TinTin vest?" or even "Why are there so many TinTin things at this Flea Market?" The answer is, my brother and his lovely wife Jessyka are on the verge of being proud parents to my future niece Harper (due date is October 9th).  This long ramble has a point...I should have purchased that Tin Tin vest because nothing says family like an aunt in a TinTin sweater, and niece in a Tin Tin vest  (DAMMIT). 


  1. This sweater is so adorable!! Just absolutely perfect for the new fall change-over.

  2. hahaha, awesome sweater!