Monday, February 20, 2012

All Dolled Up

There is something about the color red that can create an illusion of copy and paste.  When trying to capture my new value village valued treasure (see the red sweater above sans the "etc" sign),  it almost looked as if my photo was  awkwardly juxtaposed  in front of my door. Blame the bad camera  work, or the blurred background (you can even blame it on the boogie... ok ok), but this photo inspired me to think about the cut out glory of paper dolls. When I was a kid, my older sisters  and I would make vast amounts of paper dolls (boxes full, every shape, size, and style). Inspired by the dolls, and the red, I decided to try my hand at an awkward doll with an awkward red dress, awkwardly juxtaposed in the photo.

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