Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Like It Hot...

When I was a kid, I longed for the day I could eat a hot lunch. I was a cold luncher (for life), everyday toting my food to and from school in a brown paper sack. All I ever wanted was to sink my teeth into a American cheese topped burger, enjoy a chocolate milk, and basque in happiness while enjoying school lunch cake  (you know the giant pan of chocolate cake with white icing?). In third grade I somehow finagled my way to hot lunch!  I passed my old brown bag (not to be confused with a 40)  off to a classmate, and volunteered one lunch break in the cafeteria. Although an apron, and a hairnet were involved, the payment was one day of crinkle cut fry glory, and a corn dog. 


  1. Ahahaha. I was a cold luncher too! I was vegetarian until I forgot my Lisa Frank lunchbox one day. One cafeteria hot dog and crinkle cut fry glory later, I was giving it back to the toilet and going home.

    Worth it.