Monday, October 10, 2011

What You Talkin' About Hillis?

Recently, Alex and I were graced with the most generous gift, a handmade rug made with love from The Art Of Rugs (ours is the red, blue, black, and white number at the bottom).  The gift was from no other then the man behind The Art Of Rugs himself, Hillis Williams (who just so happens to be my step grandfather). Hillis truly has a knack for color, and the process he takes to make the rugs, is just my type.   Hillis's rugs are made from recycled wool, that he salvaged from thrift store sweaters. Hillis delicately unravels the sweaters into skeins,  after the skeins are hand dyed (or not), Hillis winds them into balls of yarn. Yarn in hand, Hillis starts his rug revolution. Each rug paints a picture of a distant memory, thought, or inspiration...enhancing any living room, one hundred percent. Do admire his new etsy shop!

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