Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday

Dearest Jonah, You're 28 today! Wow. That's one year older then 27, and it just keeps on counting down like that until you get to 0. It feels like just yesterday when we were cute, sitting on the porch with an ice-cream cone, in our underwear, with our other toddler friends (yes, "all of our toddler friends")  not to mention everyone's incredible face paint talent (did someone say black eye and beard?). Anyways nothing says Birthday like a giant hamburger cake... to the face.

p.s If you were able to sit through the whole Grand Master Flash  Birthday Song, I'm proud of you. It's about 5 minutes too long, and quite frankly, it takes the patience of a real 28 year old adult to pull that off.

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