Saturday, January 29, 2011

True Blue

I see a red barn and I want to paint it black
My milk glass brings all the boys to the yard
One Floral and all flor one
honey pie you are making me crazy (in the tune of The Beatles)
Yesterday I entered a wedding blog contest...why not? The folks at Eplove photography ( have generously offered to contribute 8 lucky hours (yes lucky) of free photography to one lucky couple (very lucky). Above is what I submitted, inspiration photos, and one hand drawn storyboard (the criteria for the contest). I was hoping my cheesy pun photo titles might intrigued them as to how fun 8 hours could be (or horrible- who knows). Anyways, fingers crossed, four leaf clover in pocket, no black cats, or ladders please!


  1. I hope you win that EP Contest!

  2. Hi Emily Pauline Fanny Dart-Whatever your name is. It's Johanna. Hi. I'm following you now. When can I be a guest bedazzler? When are you going to follow my blog? hahaha. let's drink wine sometime. Ok fine. -->bloggityblog --> photographyphrog

    I greatly urge you NOT to click on the userlink for this comment, because that is my POETRY blog and it might weird you out. Don't click on that. Why can't I comment anonymously???/ Sheesh. NOw the whole world is gonna read my poetry.

  3. Hi Johanna! Next Tuesday = wine and you as the guest bedazzler. Yippy!

  4. Hilljo, thanks for your support! I hope I wine too!