Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Sweet Selling it

I'll admit that precisely five days ago to day, I was at ikea. Yes Ikea. Phew, now that that's off my chest I can get to the best part. Actually wait, let's back track here... although I'd like to say I was there for the $1.00 hot dog (cue the salivating) or the sweet sweet ice cream cone, I was indeed there to assist Alex in purchasing a new desk.
For those of you who have been to an ikea you know that it's filled with room displays featuring products (for those of you who have not been there please not the previous words... intently).
Ikea's displays are put together in a way where you feel "I could really see this in my house." You walk from kitchen to bathroom to living room, imaging the zebra rug combo, that matches the book shelf, and the coffee mugs (yikes, out of ikea brainwash land you might not be easily swayed by these set ups).

Anyways, back to the desk, the point of this story. So as Alex and I approach the desks and "studio" sections, where you are supposed to feel like you're really going to design, paint, write, whatever your masterpiece if only you had... We walk up, and there just so happens to be a man wearing a beret, inquisitively inspecting a desk, easel combo. Alex turns to me and quietly (because he's polite) says "this guy looks like he is part of the set up" (because of the beret and the inquisitive look and all). So I says, I says to the Bob Ross-esque (R.I.P) aspiring artist "Man, you are really selling this!" He looked right passed me and walked away (which makes total sense now). Alex and I looked at each other and laughed. Later Alex told me "like he knew he was wearing a beret and standing in the art studio." At this point I would like to ad, If ever I look like I'm "selling it" ex. wearing scuba gear in the fish section of Petco or perhaps dressed as an M&M in the candy section, feel free to say "Man, you are totally selling it." Oh and by the way, we bought the desk... and a sweet sweet ice cream cone to boot.

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