Friday, November 13, 2009

What's that story about the engine that could?

I was like a condescending  kindergarten teacher this morning as I drove to work. 
"Come on, you can do it" (I said to my car sensitively). My car has been in the shop for two days. Paying to replace your transmission is like breaking your legs without health car, expensive, painful, and embarrassing because your friends write "hope you feel better" all over your cast... Ok so maybe it's not at all like that, and maybe it is, I can't say that I've ever had duel leg casts, or single... Let us all take a moment to knock on virtual wood. 
This morning as my car drove along through traffic, I felt like a dog trainer, or a person talking to a baby learning to crawl "you're doing great," I'd say, patting the dashboard. I know I know, it sounds nuts to type, and I sounded... looked nuts this morning (and I'm not talking about peanuts and cashews). I think it will take a few days, before I can fully trust that my car is not going to, break it's legs, and wear the hot pink casts, or whatever. 

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