Friday, May 2, 2014

See You Tonight...

Quick Study Clothing  (Photo by Shola Lawson)

Jackson Ward (Photo by Shola Lawson)

Gladys Bike (Photo by Shola Lawson)

DJ Big Booty Judy (Photo by Shola Lawson)

The mastermind behind Quick Study (cough from when she was featured on the news... yeah the news man). 
See you tonight from 5-9pm at 2905 NE Alberta St. for the Supermarket @ the End of the World party (an event to write home about if you ask me). This music, film, fashion, photo event (not necessarily in that order) is brought to you by the gems pictured above (Quick Study Clothing, Gladys Bikes, Shot by Shola, Jackson Ward, and a dabble of DJ Big Booty Judy in the mix. There will be a raffle, a different type of photo booth (curious?), dancing, glorious photos and fashion to gaze at (not to mention it's Shola's photo debut, so come on down). When I say "I'm excited to see you there," I mean it in a shout it from the top of my lungs followed by a heel click sort of way. 

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  1. Hi Emily-
    Probably a totally random comment but my name is Erin Redding... you may or may not remember me & my family from our childhood adventures of years ago. My mom Jeanie and your mom Deb were friends from way back... I think teenagers if I remember correctly. Maybe college? The details are fuzzy. Anyway, I was hoping to connect with your mom. I really just have some questions about my mom (how many times can I say mom in this comment?). It is nothing pressing, just thought I would do a clever google search to see if I could locate an email for her but I came across your blog (I had a look around, it's so fun to see what you've been up to in the 15 or more years since our families have crossed paths). If you wouldn't mind passing on my comment to her I would really appreciate it. And my email: thatchickerin at gmail. Sorry if this is totally random and bizarre - the internet brings that out in me.