Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces






The 19th marks one month of residence in our new abode. We are still in the process of boxing, and unboxing the old apartment (as in boxes not in gloves).  Though it feels like we will be living in piles, and stacks forever, we are chipping away at progress. Above are a few snaps of the home as it becomes a bit more like ours. 
1. Alex has taken on the beige, and painted the living room gray (ah thank you).
2.This cat is a pending process, we might be getting this beauty by the end of the month (couldn't you imagine her on my lap...wearing a bonnet?).
3.My (not so pushy) note to the cat owner... but seriously (GIMME GIMME).
4. At first glance one might think these shelves are old news, whelp look closely and stare right into the eyes of a mint green wall.
5.This old radio cabinet (there is a radio inside) use to reside at the infamous Lake House, it belonged to Alex's grandparents. I added just a bit of teal to the mix. 
6. This is the piano I learned to play on when I was a child. My mother (a lady of her word) said I could have the piano when I had a home with the space. Consider myself spaced!

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