Saturday, February 2, 2013

Red White and Blue... Me Away

Hands down the Red White and Blue on Mcloughlin blvd is my favorite thrift store ever (EVER). Above are just some of the gems I found today, and let me tell you people it was gem upon gem (upon gem upon gem). From the photos above (in progression top to bottom) 1. a vintage Oscar De La Renta  dress (yes, believe it) for two dollars (say it with me now "Oh my lucky stars"). 2. Two vintage brooches at the fine cost of fifty cents a piece. 3. Pastel pink, mint green, and white studded moccasin flats, ninety five cents.  You should check this shop out on a Saturday because it's fifty percent off the whole bilmeny store (thank me later). Remember, it's cash only so keep your pockets filled with dollar dollar bills y'all. 

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