Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Blast From the Past

 Exhibit A and B are photos from a walk Alex and I took last week in the gorge. Oh Oregon, your subtle fall pallet with its soft yellows, dark greens, browns, and many shades of grey (not to be confused with the book fifty shades of grey) is just perfect.  Exhibit C, D, and E, are photos of new year's eve festivities. Curious about the explosion? We(carefully mind you)burned up what we wanted to change about 2012 written,(not to mention full of care) on a cardboard 2012, over our backyard barbeque (nothing bad to leave in the old year). Here we are,  me and you, and you, and you... doesn't two thousand thirteen just roll off the tip of your tongue? Let's make it a good year people. Shall we?

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