Monday, December 10, 2012

Grand Ol' Time

Oh  it was a grand ol' weekend. Above are just three mere highlight glimpses (not to mention Hanukah light glimpses). That beauty in photo one, is none other then my  darling niece Harper Joyce, who just so happened to be in town on Sunday and more importantly, at our apartment for lunch (no ding dongs, we didn't eat the baby... ok ok too soon?). But seriously folks, I had an added pep in my step all weekend just knowing that I could kiss that little nugget, and talk to her about the finer things in life (and did we ever talk about the finer things in girls got a lot to say). The other photos are up for imagination grabs (have at em'). This weekend, was to the nines, from burger dates to tikki lounges, DJ Big Booty Judy to the baby, Hanukkah to Chanukah, I was so happy to see you one and all!

1 comment:

  1. What a nice time that must have been!
    And what a sweet baby! So cute you could, ahem, eat her... ;o)
    We'll save it for the dingos.