Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yo DJ Pump This Party

See that chambray sailor above? One might say "Emily, what type of of odd dance move are you doing this time?" One might also say "what type of DJ revolution are starting?" (the second "one" is probably you, but most likely me...). It all started with a birthday party at the record room, a "b.y.o.r"(bring your own records...or rags, or whatever) type of party. Bring my own records I did... I dibbled and I dabbled, and I played the hits from The Meters, to Nu Shooz. DJ Snacks (yes DJ snacks, like all the good stuff you ever loved and more, in the form of a woman DJ) taught me the ropes, and she taught me well. Whelp, let's just say there's a new DJ in town (to add to the long list) coming to your new (or old) favorite _____ (enter favorite here) soon.  Tell me world, which of the following names frosts your cake (by "frost your cake" I mean, makes you the happiest you've ever been...)?
a. DJ Big Booty Judy
b. DJ Val Kilmer
c. DJ Doogie Howser 
d. this is a terrible idea.

1 comment:

  1. can't wait to see you spinnin' around town ms. DJ booty judy tooth fruity