Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sticky Situation

Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying Alex, and most of his coworkers at Sticky (some alumni as well) watch the Portland Trail Blazers play the New Jersey Nets (complete with that one guy who was married to one of the Kardashians for like 2 days....him). I knew the night was going to be grand, when I showed up at Sticky to see Brandon (Alex's fellow Sticky-ite) with his face painted like a Blazer Bandit (aka Blazers stripes around the eyes and across the nose....can you spot him below?). Although I vowed from the start that I liked the face paint look,  I was going to  steer clear of the pastel paint pens for the evening... Well two drinks, and a pizza burger later (yes, a pizza burger later), I found myself eye to eye with the face paint (call me crazy, a liar, or even "blazer tear of joy..."  can you find the photo below?) An-y-ways, the game was good (and in the winning type of good way). To make matters even better, it was the type of win where the team scored enough points (atleast 100) to give the crowed free chalupas. I like to call this a "wi-lupa"  (by "wi-lupa" I mean I will never type or speak that hybrid word again). There were laughs and cheers (so much so that I shouted "COME ON BLAZERS" till the point my voice sounded similar to an 11 year old boy),  and when the crowd chanted "CHA-LU-PA, CHA-LU-PA" to the tune of a giant trail cat wearing a poncho and playing the  maracas, we chanted right along with them. 

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