Friday, September 30, 2011

Shabbat Shalom

Remember the time we decided to mix up the Sabbath  festivities at Middle Jewish Community Center? Summer 2005 was the year we added a dash of spice to the challah bread (and I'm not talking about cinnamon). As camp counselors we felt compelled to take initiative and add some flair to the regular old "bim baum" songs. Naturally, we told the campers that morning (that Monday morning) there was going to be a special guest at Shabbat that Friday (we continued to tell them all week long till they could hardly wait, by "wait" I mean they could hardly take it). On Friday, right before the challah, candles, and the wine (in their case dixie cups of juice), we busted through the doors with a boom box playing "YMCA" in full Village People gear dancing like it was our last (not to mention coffee ground handle bar mustaches). Who knew that no child who was born before 1990 didn't know a damn thing about the village people? Even though the build up was probably terrible, and the let down was probably worse, I'd say it was one of the best Shabbats ever (that's what I'd say).

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