Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life's a Beach

Oh hello. We are back from Hawaii with tales to tell. The pictures above tell part of it, but leave out the part about the volcano, sleeping in a van,, and Swimming with the fishes (as in the sea, not a mafia death reference). We ate our fair share of delicious fresh fruit, commenced in ridiculous yuppy hippy sing a long ("yuppy" because their all organic farm was complete with iphones, and "hippy" because "Can't you feel the power of the land Emily? The nature is so powerful, I must go climb a tree."). It only took four days for Alex and I to perfect the hang loose symbol. Now before you get all uppity like "easy, seen it a million times on Gecko brand shirts or whatever" well let me inform you on the big island of Hawaii, there is a certain lackadaisical grace to how the locals do it. Start with the classic "middle, pointer, and ring finger down, with your pinky and thumb out." Loosen your grip, and flash that baby at the cars that pass you by. Want more? Curious what new lingo we learned? Ha-why-in the hell don't I tell you over a drink? Yeah, I went there.

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