Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beast of Burden

Hey family, remember Buddy the dog (not to be confused with My Buddy the doll from the early 90's)? Tell me, why did we never determine Buddy's theme song to be "beast of burden" by the Rolling Stones ? Think about it, and get back to me. In the mean time recall a few notable features of a certain man's best friend. Buddy's body was a hybrid of a few animals, all wrapped into one springer spaniel. Although Buddy was a dog, his shape (from the top) was strangely comparable to a giant lab rat (see diagram a.). From the side, one might mistake the sway of Buddy's gullet to large cow's utter(see diagram b.). At one point in Buddy's life, he was taken to a dog stylist with some interesting fashion forward ideas...Buddy left with a bowl cut, and it didn't look good (see diagram c.).
b. c.

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