Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spaced Out...

We just returned from Portland's parallel universe, Seattle, WA. Note Worthy: Sans food carts (I saw three hotdog stands, that's it). Sans slow drivers (people zip around up there, and it aint pretty) . Seattle definitely rocks the fur vest these days (can you believe I saw five in one weekend?)! Gals donned boots and cute vintage frocks. At a bar, the bartender (ponytail and all) exclaimed to us that he was "some what of a funky artist..." A hip city, with a knack for good bars, music, and delicious food...but tell me Seattle where are all the good coffee shops? We rested our heads at a quaint bed and breakfast, and put our feet to work all around town. It was lovely, but I am glad to be back home in the dear old rip city.

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